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Why should I hire a cleaning service?

Posted by Schmid Cleaning on April 18, 2017  /   Posted in blog

House cleaning is needed by all , but yet most don’t do or like to clean there homes or offices. This puts people in a pickle as there house gets dirtier it also becomes harder to clean, so people just give up and do nothing to try to keep there house cleaned. So people ask me all the time what should they do for this problem? I always tell people that it is so important to keep your house picked up on a daily basics , that you would be shocked on how this can help a person in so many ways, or a negative was For example below

Peoples mental state can deteriorate over time do to the bad shape of their home, to the point they won’t let anyone in to visit them, causing all kinds of problems. such as severe problems with the families and friends. Also with dust and dirt in a home can cause lots of heath issues as well, if your home is so cluttered it can be a fire hazard as well.

A clean home can make a person feel that they have accomplished so much and they are proud to have people in there home at any time of day or night. So maintaining your home on an everyday basis is so imperative that most people don’t recognize this until it is to late. different ways to maintain your home is to do vacuuming at least once or twice a week regardless if you think it needs it or not. If you have any kind of pets like a dog or cat then every other day may be required, this may help you or your children if you or they have any kind of allergies to pets. It is best to try to keep up with the vacuuming and dusting more often.

It has been known for people to fill their home to the ceiling in a few short years, cause by many different reasons, some it can be loneliness, many with a need to have lots of things around them to give that feeling of always have something to do, but never get around to do it. Making there home not only a fire hazard, but disease prone as well, Also bringing in rodents and other unwanted creatures.


What to use to clean a white sink, toilet, tub, We find the best results in cleaning one of these things is using Soft Scrub Clorox cleaner.  We put product on with a sponge with very little water and let it sit for 10 to 15 min’s and you will have your self a very white sink! Just don’t get it on any furniture or any non white items as it could stain. It does have Clorox bleach as one of the ingredients.  Happy Cleaning !

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