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Health Living

Posted by Schmid Cleaning on August 23, 2019  /   Posted in blog


Having a clean home is important to a healthy lifestyle; it can reduce stress, improve your mood and attitude, and minimizes potential allergens, yet many people either do not or can not maintain clean homes or offices. As a home gets dirtier it becomes harder to get clean, so some people just give up. People ask me all the time, what should they do to prevent this problem? My response to people is, it is so important to keep your house picked up daily. It is easier to maintain a level of cleanliness if certain things are done daily than it is to wait until the soil builds up.

Daily home maintenance can help a person in many ways. It has been shown, the mental state of many people can deteriorate over time due to an unkempt home. All too often this situation escalates to the point where some individuals will not let anyone visit them for fear of being admonished or embarrassed. This may cause tension between family and friends. Additionally, excessive dust and dirt in a home can cause many health issues, a cluttered home creates obstacles or tripping hazards, which can also be a fire hazard.

A clean home can make a person feel that they have accomplished a lot, and can make them proud to have people visit their home at any time of day or night.   Maintaining your home daily is important, but many people do not recognize this until it is too late and their house is in disarray.  There are simple ways to maintain your home, such as vacuumming  at least once or twice a week, regardless of whether you think it needs it or not. If you have any pets, like a dog or cat, then vacuuming every other day may be required to help you or your children minimize exposure to allergens.  It is best to maintain a regular routing with vacuuming and dusting.

Brought to light in the last few years by several television shows depicting people who filled their home to the ceiling with household items, clothes, and even debris, is the surprisingly short amount of time it takes to happen.  Also known as hoarding, it can be caused by many different reasons, such as loneliness, depression, anxiety, fear, grief, or loss of a loved one to name a few.  Sometimes, the individual has the desire to do something about the clutter, but have difficulty getting started.  Extreme clutter, or hoarding, is more common than people realize, and is not only a fire hazard but increases the individual’s risk for disease and health issues.  Often accompanied by the excessive debris, hoarding welcomes rodents, roaches, and other unwanted pests.

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Cleaning Tips

Posted by Schmid Cleaning on April 18, 2017  /   Posted in blog


Have hard water or mineral stains around your faucets?  Saturate a cloth in white vinegar and drape it around the faucet and let sit for a while, then rinse and wipe.

Have soap scum on your glass shower doors?  Keep a spray bottle mixture–of one part white vinegar and one part dish soap that cuts grease–in your shower and when your done showering spray the glass, then rinse, and dry the glass to minimize soap scum. Happy Cleaning!

What to use to clean a white sink, toilet, tub?  We find the best results in cleaning one of these things is using Soft Scrub Clorox cleaner. For tough stains, we place this product on with a sponge, with very little water, and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and rise thoroughly.  Then you will have yourself a very white sink!   Just don’t get it on any furniture or non-white items as it could stain.  Happy Cleaning!

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